'Dan’s work as a designer is complex, creative and brave. He collaborates with a great openness and lifts the work of those around him. On ‘Talk Radio’ he delivered an intricate and endlessly fascinating design -One that brought the production to life.'

Sean Turner - Director - The Play That Goes Wrong

'I always breathe a sigh of relief and then get extremely excited when I know Dan is to work on a project with me. For I know not only am I in safe hands, but also incredibly talented hands. His imagination and ability to create both complex and joyous compositions, along with in-depth and nuanced sound designs, never ceases to amaze me. His attention to detail and drive in using sound design and music in elevating the telling of a story have raised our productions to levels I could never had thought possible. Regardless of the project he always seems to click onto my wave length and train of thought which as a director I've always valued. I know that come day one he will come with a whole tool box of ideas that fit in directly with my vision for a project, as well as offering exciting alternatives which not even I could have thought of.'

Ben Kernow - Artistic Director - Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre